Case Studies

SAT-tutor-studentOver the course of the more than 10 years that I have been tutoring students for the SAT and ACT, I have generally had excellent results. Some students improve by 350 points on the SAT whereas others improve by close to 600 points. Every situation is different and the final outcome and extent of the improvement is determined by a whole host of factors, including the actual starting point, the particular weaknesses of the student, how much time and effort he or she puts in, and even the number of times that the student takes the SAT or ACT. As the below examples illustrate, the recipe for each student is different. In some cases the issue was mostly time management, so that is where we focused. In others, the student had good innate reasoning ability but either didn’t realize that was what the SAT or ACT called for or just didn’t know how to apply those skills on the test. The interesting and enjoyable part of what I do is figuring out what the specific obstacles are for each particular student and then implementing a tailored game plan that will help the student overcome those weaknesses and reach his or her greatest potential.

SAT & ACT Case Studies