Below are testimonials from both students and parents of students that I have tutored over the years.  Additionally, to see some of the online reviews that have been posted about me, please click on the following link:

Google Reviews

My daughter is an excellent student however, she generally performs poorly on standardize tests. This fact was a huge hurdle for her to overcome. After the first session Brian was able to recognize Kim’s weaknesses and set up a plan of action that ultimately helped her improve her scores significantly.  She had quite a bit of work to do to overcome her lack of confidence but it wasn’t long before Kim started seeing results which proved to be very motivating.

Timing was a particular issue with Kim and Brian was able to give her helpful tips on strategizing and navigating the test.  It’s a very special gift Brian has in being able to understand the mindset of a high school student.  He has a innate ability to find great balance between professionalism and off-the-cuff casualness and because of this, I’ve recommended Brian to many people and they all agree that the kids love working with him. We are very thankful to Brian for all the great work he did for our daughter.

–Mother of Kim V. (Indiana University, Kelly School of Business)

I want to thank you for helping Ryan reach his potential. I think you really gave him the confidence to perform his best. So happy he’s done! Thank you so much! You were the perfect tutor for Ryan!!!

–Mother of Ryan (Scored 740CR, 750M, 790W)

I got my ACT scores! I have 33 as a composite score, with 33 in English, 34 in math, 34 in reading and 29 in science (which I kind of expected but still :p). I also got 33 in writing! So I’m super happy with the way the ACT went 🙂

Thank you so much for everything! I couldn’t have managed all of it without your help 🙂

–Juliette – Online Student in Paris, France (Not Yet Decided)

Good morning to the best, most wise, all-around great guy. What can’t you do? Lacrosse player, family man, and most amazing tutor. KELLY DID IT THANKS TO YOU!!!

–Father of Kelly M. (Trinity College, Dublin)

My daughter had spent months with another highly respected SAT/ACT review course. After her second set of lower than expected scores we didn’t know what to do. Although an excellent student, she could not master a standardized test.. A friend had recommended Brian. After one session he was able to recognize her needs and fine- tuned her lessons so she was able to accomplish her goal. Needless to say, she got into her dream school and had a most successful freshman first semester.

–Mother of Brenda H. (Emory)

Brian was a really able teacher, especially because our meetings were online, I didn’t know how it would be to not meet in person, but it worked really well and I ended up really enjoying our meetings. My score increased a lot and I just felt really prepared for the test!

— Omar – Online student in Amman, Jordan (Georgetown)

Thanks again for everything. I know teaching is your livelihood, but I really appreciate what you helped me with. I still think about things that I learned from you outside the context of standardized testing.

–Thomas V. (Wesleyan)

Brian tutored my son, Junior year, in preparing for SAT/ACT. He has an exuberant and engaging way of relating to his students. He gave David the confidence and skills to work more successfully and actively incorporate his analysis and suggestions to ultimately attain his goals.

David liked Brian very much as a person and most importantly as a tutor. He respected his abilities in tutoring and developed an instant rapport. David gained so much confidence with Brian’s approach, especially his demeanor, relaxed but focused. David felt that the sessions, while structured, were still very much tailored to his individual needs.

Brian proved to be a very talented and reliable tutor, and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable in his subject matter. I have no reservations at all in highly recommending Brian to anyone who is lookimg for a tutor.

–Mother of David N. (Boston University)

Thanks so much, it’s because of your masterful, enjoyable teaching that I was able to get my score to this level. It was a pleasure learning with you and if I take the GMAT at some point in the future, I’ll be back. Thanks again!

–Ayaan G. – Online Student in Singapore (Not Yet Decided)

The whole experience was not only instructive but also intellectually stimulating. I could feel myself growing stronger on each of the subjects and even had some fun while doing it!

— Jon S. (Vassar)

I wasn’t looking forward to studying for the SAT and put it off until my father forced me to get started. Luckily Brian was not your normal tutor (I have others for other subjects). He is a cool guy and I felt really comfortable with him. I learned that I have what it takes to do well on the SAT and Brian made me feel confident about myself. I couldn’t have done it without him. He was the perfect tutor for me.

–Brian L. (Tulane)